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It’s a Purse!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I can’t remember when I first started to think about making myself a purse using these fabrics from my stash, but I know that I actually began work on it in January when we were visiting our friends Mary and Ron in Florida. It is based very loosely on the “Ribbon Purse” in 101 Fabulous Fat-Quarter Bags by M’Liss Rae Hawley. As you can see, there is not a ribbon on it, but it is approximately the same dimensions as the Ribbon Purse, and it has a squared-off bottom, which I think I will like. The front, shown here, was pretty easy to design.

Here is the back, somewhat busier than the front, but I like it. It required several re-do’s and rearrangements, but it was fun to piece.

This is an attempt to photograph the inside, showing one of the two pockets. I like purses with lots of pockets of just the right size because I hate to fumble around in my purse trying to find something.  I have not yet put the purse into service. I have no idea what I am waiting for. I am  curious to see how well it works for me.


Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The 2008 Summer Crackpot Quilt is finally completely completed. Here is complete photodocumentation.

Quilt Front

Quilt Back (pretty boring)


My Crochet Tote Bag

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

by Nancy

I realized that I had promised to post a picture of my crochet tote bag but hadn’t done so yet, so here it is. The pattern is from a book called Hooked on Crochet by Candi Jensen, the same person who designed the pattern for Rebecca’s string bag. It was easy to do, and I really like the colors of the yarn. I’ll have to find something fun to do with the leftovers.

Andrew’s Valance

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

by Nancy

One of the many items on my To Do list has been to make a valance for Andrew’s room. He only has one window now since the addition to the back of the house, and it was looking very empty. So, I used some of the states fabric, which he loves, that was leftover from his pillowcase to make this valance. I based it loosely on a valance idea in Debbie Mumm’s Cuddle Quilts for Little Girls and Boys.

In other news, the Butterfly baby girl quilt is done! And the baby hasn’t been born yet – this may be a new record for me! I need to take a picture so I can post it. I made a doll quilt for the baby’s big sister, which is done except for blind stitching the binding to the back. And I am crocheting a baby doll for the big sister as well. It’s from Amigurumi Two, Crocheted Toys for Me, You, and Baby, Too, by Ana Paula Rimoli. You can see a picture of what it will look like here.

We all scream for Ice Cream

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

by Nancy

This is a chocolate ice cream cone that I made for Agnes (Helene’s youngest) to go along with her other crochet food for her 2nd birthday, which is coming up in May. I also made a bag to hold all the food, and it is now all packaged up to be mailed to Germany.

Butterfly Quilt Update

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

by Nancy

It’s been a little while since I last posted, but in the meantime, I’ve completed the top to the Butterfly Quilt for my college roommate’s baby. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. And I purchased no fabric for this quilt! Amazing! I did have to purchase the batting, but I think that will be all. As you may be able to see in the picture, I have pin-basted the quilt, so now I am ready to machine quilt it.