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Mystery Quilt, Part Three

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

So, I thought I was actually getting caught up from being behind in Quiltmaker’s Mystery Quilt series, when I finished these two blocks and was only one block behind. Then the very next day, the next issue of Quiltmaker arrived, with the final installment in the series! So I’m still behind, and not likely to catch up any time soon. Anyway, here are my most recent blocks:

the hand-pieced block from part 3

This block was hand-pieced, because I was working on it at Goshorn Lake and it seemed easier to just do it by hand than bother with setting up a sewing machine. I was also able to work on it a bit in between doctors’ appointments at the clinic, which earned me some smiles and approving glances from the older ladies walking through. 🙂

the template block from part 3

This block is done entirely with templates, which is fine, but I can’t imagine doing a whole bed-sized quilt this way! All of the tracing and cutting for just this one block got to be a pain in the neck. But I like how it turned out. Here are all of the parts of the Mystery Quilt so far:

all of the blocks from parts 1- 3

Baby Quilt for the Impending Bundle!

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Nothing to see here, just posting photos of Crackpot Baby Quilt #3 for Cathy’s once and future co-workers:

The quilt center with various border options:

full quilt with border options

Cathy and Chris with the completed quilt top at the baby shower in Holland:

Cathy and Chris with quilt top

Fair Isle Sweater Progress

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

I’ve been plugging along on the Fair Isle sweater, and I’m loving it – the colors, the patterns, the yarn, the fact that I’m making visible progress every time I change colors. I’m past the armpits, so there are now three sets of steek stitches which will later be cut to form armholes and the center front of the cardigan.

I’m sure all the crackpots will see the sweater in progress next week (I’m so smitten that I can’t bear to leave it behind for a week in favor of something that’s probably more appropriate travel knitting). For the blog readers I won’t be vacationing with (are there any?), here’s a current shot:

Hillswick Lumber Torso1

The stripey bit in the middle is where I’ll cut for the cardigan front, and if you look very closely at the top corners of the body, you’ll see where some stitches are being held on waste yarn to be later used when knitting the sleeves.

(oh, and if you’re wondering about the previous post, all will be revealed next week…)

New Crackpot Challenge

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

Inspired by Cathy’s nesting project, I’ve created a new crackpot challenge project.

Each crackpot receives an identical set of fabric, including a focus fabric and coordinates:

crackpot challenge fabric

The block pattern is the main block from Wind In the Pinwheels, from the March-April 2003 Quiltmaker magazine

The Challenge:
Make one or more blocks using the fabric and block pattern. Note that no directions are given for which fabric goes where – that’s the fun part!

The Timeline:

The Result:
I haven’t planned too far beyond everyone making similar-yet-different blocks, but I do have some more of the focus fabric that can be used in assembly. (Would this be a crackpot project if I had everything planned?)