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On Second Thought…

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Here’s a picture of the multicolor print where you can see the pattern and the colors better.

I’ve started working on the borders now. I tried a plain white 2″ border but found that I didn’t like it. It was too boring and stopped the pattern of white sashing with solid color posts (am I using the right terms here?) that worked so well in the main part of the quilt. So, I came to the same conclusion that Cathy suggested in her comment: continue the white sashing and solid posts in the first border. Here is the result:
I really like it! Now the only question is – what next? The two options I am pondering at the moment are 1) stopping here and just adding binding, which I think this will emphasize the solids, or 2) adding a border of the multicolor print, followed by binding in the multicolor print, which I think will increase the emphasis on the print as the theme of the quilt. What to do? I think I will mull it over for a few days before proceeding. Input is welcome!

Lovely Rainy Afternoon

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Ah, the perfect rainy afternoon: both children happily at school, a mug of hot tea with lemon, and time to quilt. I even mopped the kitchen floor this morning, so I don’t feel too guilty about ignoring the other housework (dusting!) to quilt.

As I mentioned, once I finished the fall placemats and table cover, I wanted to resume work on an unfinished project. There were many to choose from! I opted for this one, which I last worked on about a year ago, during the summer of 2008 when we were at our Substitute House. I don’t exactly know when I started working on the quilt. It may have been another year ago. I know I found the multi-color theme fabric before James was born because we briefly considered it for his Aunt and Grandma Baby Quilt before we found the hot air balloons at Field’s in Holland.

In any case, I decided that I wanted to make a card trick lap quilt for our family room using the multicolor print (which you can’t see well in this photo – I’ll take a close-up and post it later – must get children from school now) and several batik-ey solids. When I put the project away as we were preparing to return to the Construction House from the Substitute House, I had all the blocks done and had just started on the sashing and the joining of blocks. In the last week, I’ve been able to finish the sashing and sew all the blocks together, so it looks like this: (Productively increases significantly around here once school is in session!)

I haven’t made any definite decisions about the borders yet. Any thoughts? I was thinking about a 2″ white border and then a thicker border of the multicolor print. Binding in the multicolor print or using the leftover batik solids if I have enough?

Yay, it’s finished

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Machine quilting on my new machine is so enjoyable, I got this small project done already, too. It’s now on the table by our front door. Andrew reports that you will be able to see it if you visit us and come in the front door. P9190012

Now, it’s time to work on one of my unfinished projects. Among the possibilities are the baskets and the Christmas placemats. I’ll post news of my progress!

Ready to Quilt

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Here’s the leaf table cover with its additional borders, ready for quilting. Aaah, I love my new sewing machine!

Handwork Projects Update

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

While I’ve been working on my pumpkin placemats and the leaf table cover, I’ve also been continuing work on my hand projects: hand quilting my tulip applique and hand applique on another table runner.

I’m making slow but steady progress on hand quilting the tulip applique. I finished the quilting in 1 of the 4 large setting triangles. Only 3 more to go! It’s slow going, but I think it will get finished one day.

And here’s a look at how the applique table runner is coming along:
The colors don’t seem to show especially well in the picture, but I think they are very pretty. I need to finish the applique on the block on the right and make another one of the left block and then I’ll be ready to put the blocks together. It’s fun to work on, but I am not very good at getting my hand applique circles to come out nice and round, especially the small blue ones. I do needle-turn hand applique, which I like on other shapes, but maybe I need to consider a different technique for circles. I might need to hand baste the circles first, which I’ve been too lazy to try up until now, but it might be time.

And now for my next act…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

I had such a good time making the pumpkin placemats, and they are all done, so I decided to continue along the same lines and make a small table runner/cover for the marble table right inside our front door. I had some of the fall leaf print left from the placemats, so I decided to use those colors and found a good red and brown in my stash. All of my oranges, though, were too bright and neon, and I needed something a little more toned down. Which I found at JoAnn’s in the kona cotton section. 🙂 I found a good applique pattern for leaves in one of my old Quiltmaker magazines, reduced it a little, and here’s what I’ve got:
Never one to plan ahead too much, I realized that I didn’t have any thread to match the orange leaf. So, another brief trip to JoAnn’s was needed. 🙂 I need a little more practice on doing machine blanket stitch on curves, but overall, things turned out well. Now I plan to add some 1.5″ strips to the top and bottom to make it the right size and add an outer border of the leaf print all the way around. More updates to follow…

Finished Pumpkin Placemats

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009


Here’s one of the finished pumpkin placemats. I’m very happy with how they turned out, and the kids like them too. Here’s a look at all 4 on our dining room table.

Pumpkin Placemats

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Well, never mind that I have a list of Projects Waiting to Be Finished, what’s one more new project in the big scheme of things? Back in August Ann and I met in Indianapolis on a Saturday afternoon to shop for an item which will be revealed this weekend. We had some extra time after that and after eating cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, so we went to Quilt Quarters in Carmel to browse. We were very restrained! Mom didn’t buy anything, and I did not buy any fabric – just a book called Honey Buns for All Seasons. Apparently, in addition to Jelly Rolls (packs of coordinating 2.5″ strips), with which I am familiar, you can also buy Honey Buns, which are rolls of 1.5″ strips, which I had never heard of. The book contains patterns for table runners, placemats, and pot holders for each month of the year using 1.5″ strips. Well, I didn’t want to buy pre-cut strips, but I was quite interested in some of the patterns, so I bought the book. And, well, as I said, I just couldn’t stop myself from starting another project, so here it is:P9040001

I’ve made 4 placemats and am proud to say that I did not purchase any new fabric for the fronts. I did have to purchase backing and binding fabric, but everything else came from my stash. I have actually finished quilting the placemats since I took this picture. (Aaaah, the joy of quilting on my new machine!) I completed the binding on the last placemat today, so they are all completely done now. I will take a picture of them and post it soon.

Testing new version of WordPress

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Hi folks – I just upgraded the software that runs this here blog to the latest version. Apparently there’s a particulary vicious worm of some sort circulating around the interwebs that’s targeting blogs, so it was necessary to protect the security of the blog.

A bunch of stuff under the hood has been changed, and when you go to write a post, things will look different. I’m confident that you can figure it out, but let me know if you can’t find out how to do something!

Oh, also, we lost our nice quilty image in the header up there. I don’t know what happened with that, but I’ll try to sort it out when I get a chance.