The Fine Print

The Crackpot Quilters’ Blog was created by Cathy in the fall of 2005 as a Christmas present for four of her relatives: Ann, Nancy, Rebecca, and Marty. Currently, the blog is closed to new registrations and that policy is not likely to change.

The blog runs on the fabulous WordPress blog package: an open-source, standards-compliant blog package whose motto is “Code is poetry.” WordPress runs on MySQL and PHP (also open-source products). For more information on WordPress, see their web site, or for support and documentation, the WordPress Codex. Cathy has applied a few small hacks to the template files, but otherwise is sticking with the Default template. For now.

The Crackpot Quilters’ Blog is hosted by Laughing Squid web hosting, who use the profits from their web hosting business to support, a community-based art, culture, and technology project in San Francisco.

Domain forwarding is set up so that and automatically forward to

The image at the top of each page is taken from a quilt made by four of the Crackpots and presented to the second child of the fifth Crackpot, sometime in late 2003 or early 2004.

Hopefully, there’s lots more to come. Tinkering with your blog, I’ve found, is an addictive pastime.

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