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Crackpotty Crochet Snowflake Project and Rust-Free Pins

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

by Nancy

I’ve been working on some crochet snowflakes (and a star) which will hopefully be used to decorate my classroom when we go back to school January 5.  I tried stiffening my first two items with a solution of 1 part craft glue to 1 part water,  and it worked well.



But… one thing mentioned in the internet instructions on crochet stiffening was that you need to use rust-free pins to block the crochet.  I had no idea whether or not my pins were rust free, so I just used them.  When I removed the pins after the crochet had dried, an outer layer of the pin seemed to come off.  There was only a slight discoloration on the crochet, but still I took this to mean that my pins are not rust-proof.

I’ve finished 4 more snowflakes now and wanted to stiffen them this afternoon.  So, I went to Hobby Lobby in search of rust-free pins.  Most of the pins in the store were labeled “nickel-plated steel,” but none of them said “rust-free.”  Thank goodness for smart phones!  I googled rust-proof pins and found out that many standard pins are nickel-plated steel, which is not rust-free, but quilting pins are often made of stainless steel, which is rust free.  Thankfully, our Hobby Lobby sold one kind of stainless steel quilting pins.

Snowflakes 3-6

Here are the next four snowflakes, secured with stainless steel pins and drying.  So far, I think my favorite is #4 – the pattern is in French but isn’t too hard to figure out if you have a list of the French words for basic crochet terms.

Testing Out Crochet Stiffening Methods

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

by NancyIMG_0680.JPG

I decided the other day that I want to make some crochet snowflakes to hang up in my classroom.  Since I’m going to be hanging them up, I need to stiffen them.  A little internet research revealed that there are quite a few methods for stiffening crochet.  I decided to go with the equal parts craft glue and water solution.  Here are my first two snowflakes (though the first is more of a star), blocked and drying on a foam tile.  The free pattern for the snowflake on the right can be found here.

Soccer Quilt Progress

Saturday, December 20th, 2014



by Nancy

I’ve been making some good progress on the applique for my soccer-watching quilt.  Thanks to a week off school for Thanksgiving and the use of Marty’s sewing machine, I have finished all of the letters!  I also bought some red flannel for the backing at Field’s while we were in Holland.  So, I laid out the letters to see how it would look and to consider how I want to arrange the other blocks.  Randomly? Alternating red and tan squares? Outlining the letters with the soccer ball fabric and then  alternating red and tan? Maybe…