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Belated Blogging

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

I haven’t been a completely unproductive Crackpot, just a lazy blogger. Let’s start catching up!

According to my camera, I finished this quilt in May – it’s for Isaiah, the son of a college friend. His older sister was the recipient of another baby quilt.
Here it is:

The back is a cozy flannel dinosaur print:

Continuing the baby project theme, another college friend had a baby last month. Rebekkah (aka K2) is the person who inspired me to start spinning, so it’s fitting that her son Miles (aka Miko, fka Scorn Tiberius) is the recipient of my first handspun sweater. The sweater yarn is spun from superwash merino wool from Blue Moon Fiber Arts which my parents gave me for Christmas. I’ve still got a bunch of yarn leftover, so I might make a hat for Milo at some point. The trim yarn is commercial yarn.

And the inside:

I’ve got a couple other projects finished, but I won’t blog them until I’ve sent them to their recipients.

Fruit Stripe Placemat

Monday, August 15th, 2011

by Nancy

Ta-dah! Ok, so it isn’t done yet – I have to put on the binding, but I was so excited about how my placemat looked after I trimmed it to oval shape this morning that I just had to share it! 🙂 Still have 3 more to cut…

(P.S. Does anyone else remember Fruit Stripe gum from when we were kids?)

My $8.50 Quality Of Life Enhancement

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

This is my new toy: a tabletop ironing board, which I’d been waiting for “Back To School” time to buy because that’s when they go on sale. I finally found one at Target yesterday for $8.50 and snatched it up.

This represents a significant enhancement to my quality of life because it means that I can do piecing without hauling out the full-sized ironing board which a) takes up the whole room, b) is rickety and constantly in danger of toppling over when Youth go careening through the room, and c) makes a horrific shriek when being folded or unfolded.

It’s also a good reminder to me that I am no longer a starving grad student, and if spending $8.50 will improve my quality of life so much, I should just spend it already.