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Gabe’s Quilt Top

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

by Nancy

Gabes quilt top

Here is the completed quilt top for my friends’ son who turns 1 on December 18. I like the thin black border that separates the theme print from the pieced blocks. I’m planning to use the black solid for the binding as well. I was very nervous as I was cutting the theme print because I was cutting it to fit into the 9 patch blocks which I had already made, rather than making the borders to fit the center of a quilt like you usually do. I must have measured and calculated and checked my math five times before I cut! The good thing is that I have a lot of the theme print, so even if I had made a mistake, I could have cut another center. But I got it right – phew! I went out to JoAnn’s this afternoon and bought batting and a blue flannel which matches the water in the theme print for the backing. I briefly considered using Minkee-type microfleece fabric, which needs no batting, for the backing. But I’ve never used it before, and JoAnn’s didn’t have a huge variety of colors, so I stuck with what I know. I think I will try Minkee sometime, though. Has anyone else used it?

New Project Linus Block

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

by Nancy

Linus Kite

I got my January/February ’10 issue of Quiltmaker this week, and it includes this year’s Project Linus quilt. I really like this block! It’s simple yet cute, and would be a great place to use leftovers of bright kid prints. I have our All Together Week Crackpot quilt tops from this summer to send in to Linus (the deadline is February 13) as well as another quilt top to send in to them, and I may make some rows of this block as well. Does anyone who is going to be at our house over Christmas want to make a few blocks some afternoon during their visit? I’ll provide the sewing machine, cutting tools, and fabrics!

Next Two Gift Bags

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

by Nancy

Here are my next two fabric gift bags. I made the larger one Thanksgiving weekend with the expert assistance of Marty and Ann. They taught me how to put corners on the bottom of the bag, similar to a grocery sack, so that the bag can accommodate a gift that is not flat. Last night I made the smaller bag, using what I remembered and Marty’s drawing to do it on my own. And it worked! Both bags are just slightly shorter than I would like for the gifts enclosed in them, but they work. I’m working on a formula for how high to cut the fabric in order for it to be tall enough to tie the bag easily. For the smaller one, I used a height of 2.5 times the height of the gift. I think I will try 3 times the gift height on my next one and see how that turns out. Of course, how thick the gift is affects the formula, but I have quite a few items that are about 3″ thick, so I am working on a formula for this thickness first. The larger bag is for my nephew and the smaller one will get mailed to Germany soon for Friedrich.

NaBloPoMo +1

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

by Nancy

I didn’t quite have my act together enough to post this on the last day of NaBloPoMo, but here it is today.
Crochet hamburger

This was a very Crackpotty month for me, complete with a new crackpot activity – crochet! I think this cheeseburger pretty much sums it all up.