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Crackpot All-Together Week

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

by Nancy

It’s recently come up in several conversations with other Crackpots that we don’t yet have a plan for any crackpotty activity/sewing day during All-Together Week. While a lack of planning is generally a good crackpotty thing, occasional planning can be helpful too. So, what thoughts do Crackpots have? Any things you want/need to do that would be more fun in the presence of other Crackpots? Do we want to make a charity quilt or bring our own things to work on? One suggestion which has been made is to do a Crackpot workshop on applique – how to do it, what the various methods are, etc. I plan to bring this unfinished object, which needs to be quilted because I have found that I am much more productive in quilting on Marty’s machine than on my own. I think this is due in equal parts to her superior machine and to the lack of people/housework which pull me away from quilting when I am at her machine. But I don’t necessarily need to do my quilting during the Crackpot Quilting Day if there are more interesting activities happening. Ok, Crackpots, discuss.